Glowing NODA review for Pickwick - 24.06.09

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Glowing NODA review for Pickwick - 24.06.09 Empty Glowing NODA review for Pickwick - 24.06.09

Post  Mike B on Thu Jun 09, 2011 5:03 pm

Unbeknownst to the cast, an official from NODA was present during the penultimate performance of 'The Adventures of Mr Pickwick'. The following is an excerpt from the May 09 NODA magazine:
"This was a well structured play with some excellent attention to detail. The director had captured the whole mood of this piece and the set design worked so well. I loved the conversion of the stagecoach. There was a larger than average cast but the members all worked well. Just to mention a few, I thought that the title role of Mr Pickwick was well played by Robin Brown... He was well partnered by Michael Broadbent, as Mr Winkle, and Michael Phelan, as Mr Snodgrass. Well done to you both.... The costumes were excellent and in keeping with the period. There were slick scene changes, good staging and clever ideas which all worked well. This was a good all round production."

[img]Glowing NODA review for Pickwick - 24.06.09 Pickwi10[/img]
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