The Adventures of Mr Pickwick - January 2009

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The Adventures of Mr Pickwick - January 2009 Empty The Adventures of Mr Pickwick - January 2009

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The Adventures of Mr Pickwick: by Anthony Hinds. 29th - 30th January 2009, at Hoghton Village Hall.

Charles Dicken's 'The Pickwick Papers' are brought to life in this seasonal family play by Anthony Hinds.

Anthony Hinds (sometimes known as John Elder) was born in 1922 the son of Hammer House of Horror founder William Hinds. He joined the world famous ‘family’ business straight from school, but with the threat of World War II he joined the RAF as a pilot. Hinds returned to the film studio in 1946 producing and writing films until he retired in 1972. His prolific pen is credited with titles such as ‘Dracula’ (1950) and ‘The Hound of the Baskervilles’ (1959) both starring Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee as well as The ‘Phantom of The Opera’ in 1962.

It seems that Mr Hind couldn’t keep still during his retirement as 1990 and 1991 saw the publication of three stage plays: ‘The Hound of The Baskervilles - A Pantomime’; ‘The Adventures of Mr Pickwick’ ; and ‘Let’s Kill Agatha Christie’. Pickwick looks a little out of place alongside his other writing credits, but is a lovely adaptation of the Pickwick Papers none-the-less.

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The Adventures of Mr Pickwick - January 2009 Pickwi10


Director - Millies Santus Producer - Veronica Roper Asst Directors - Lois Ward and Brian Hoyle
Mr Pickwick - Robin Brown Mr Winkle - Michael Broadbent Mr Snodgrass - Michael Phelan Mrs Bardell - Carol McCann Mr Jingle - Paul Heyworth Sam Weller - Sam Cocker
Joe - Stuart Lockhart / Paul Santus Landlady - Irene Ingham Rachel Wardle - Janet Dawson Mr Wardle - Harold Eastham Emily - Annaka Lee Bella (Isabel) - Kirsty Jackson
First Officer / Snubbin - Gavin Roberts-Aldridge Second Officer/Buzfuzz/Parson - Jordan Leigh Mary - Emma Gardner Grandma - Jane Burnell Judge - Stuart Lockhart / Brian Hoyle A Crone - Carol McCann
A Hag - Angela Fowler A Tart - Ruth Jones Jailor - Sandra Hampson Head Girl - Louise Brindle Helpers - Sophie Ward Poppy McCann Reanne Donkor


Set Design & Construction - Paul Santus, Graham Brindle, Ian Murray, Clive Dawson, Frank Shuttleworth, James Hindle + Sam Binks
Stage Managers - Val Critchley + Louise Brindle Props - Joyce Hoyle Prompt - Angela Fowler Wardrobe - Barbara Freeman, Angela Fowler Charlotte Richards Hair and Makeup - Millie Santus + Carole Brindle Lighting - Mike Ward + Michael Broadbent Sound - Andrew Freeman Programme & Poster Designs - Michael Broadbent Publicity & Programme Content - Joyce Hoyle
Front of House - Stephanie Murray & Team Box Office - Ian & Stephanie Murray


NODA Magazine, May 2009
This was a well structured play with some excellent attention to detail. It had good pace and just the right amount of light and shade. The diction was excellent and without exception I could hear every word from all the cast.The director had captured the whole mood of this piece and the set design worked so well. I loved the conversion of the stagecoach.
There was a larger than average cast but the members all worked well. Just to mention a few, I thought that the title role of Mr Pickwick was well played by Robin Brown - just be careful with the hands next time as they spoke most of the script, rather than Robin. He was well partnered by Michael Broadbent, as Mr Winkle, and Michael Phelan, as Mr Snodgrass. Well done to you both. These were good supporting roles.
The director brought the cast into the auditorium and this made us connect with this piece. It all came together to create a wonderful play with some great moments. I did like the carol singing especially, and also the snow effect at the end which was well created. The costumes were excellent and in keeping with the period. There were slick scene changes, good staging and clever ideas which all worked well.
This was an good all round production.

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