Saturday Night at The Crown - April 2008

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Saturday Night at The Crown - April 2008 Empty Saturday Night at The Crown - April 2008

Post  Mike B on Thu Aug 04, 2011 8:19 am

Saturday Night at The Crown
Hoghton Village Hall, April 23rd-26th 2008

Saturday Night at the Crown by Walter Greenwood, was produced first in 1954 and revised before it was presented in London in 1957. The play is set in the bar of a North Country public house peopled by a group of characters typical of this brand of regional comedy. Greenwood includes an alarming matriarch, a personage in which Lancashire comedies of that generation were rich. Later, Greenwood adapted the play into a novel.

A comedy heavily reliant on timing and delivery, the Players truly did themselves proud in this production. Carol McCann taking the lead as the local busy body, supported fantastically by Ian Murray, and Jeff Berry as well as Harold Eastham in possibly the longest 'cameo' appearance in any play... ever.


Saturday Night at The Crown - April 2008 Pbucket


Director - David Lloyd Producer - Graham Brindle


Set Design & Construction - Paul Santus, Graham Brindle + Michael Broadbent Stage Managers - Ruth Jones Props - Joyce Hoyle

Prompt - Angela Fowler Wardrobe - Barbara Freeman, Angela Fowler Charlotte Richards Hair and Makeup - Millie Santus + Carole Brindle

Lighting - Mike Ward Sound - Michael Broadbent Programme & Poster Designs - Matt Seed Publicity & Programme Content - Joyce Hoyle

Front of House - Stephanie Murray & Team Box Office - Ian & Stephanie Murray


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