The Noble Spaniard - February 2003

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The Noble Spaniard - February 2003 Empty The Noble Spaniard - February 2003

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The Noble Spaniard, By W Somerset Maughan
Hoghton Village Hall, 30th Jan - 1st February 2003
Hoghton Tower, 6-8th February 2003

This hilarious costume comedy is set in 1850 in a villa in Boulogne, taken by Mr. Justice Proudfoot and his wife Matilda for the summer. There, they receive as guests an attractive young widow Marion Nairne, her sister Lucy and Captain Chalford of the Heavy Dragoons.

A mysterious Spanish nobleman, the Duke of Hermanos, is quite smitten by the young widow and soon presents himself, proclaiming his undying love. To cool his ardour, the lady claims to still have a husband, but this only fans the Spaniard’s flame. He is determined to seek out the non-existent husband and have his blood.

The Spaniard’s efforts to find his beloved’s husband, his successive challenges to mortal combat of every man he meets in her company, the resulting misunderstandings and the cases of mistaken identity all add up to a classic farce, and are guaranteed to raise a smile.

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Director/Producer - Russell Atkinson Assistant Producer - Trevor Jones

Lady Proudfoot - Margaret Jones Mr Justice Proudfoot - Paul Heyworth Marion Nairne - Anne-Marie Cruickshank Lucy - Fiona Wignall

Mary Jane (a maid) - Sylvia Atkinson Captain Chalford - Ian Murray Count de Moret - Russell Atkinson Countess de Moret - Kathleen Fleet

The Duke of Hermanos - Matthew Seed


Prompt - Angela Fowler Stage Manager/Props - Veronica Roper & Carol McCann

Make up & Hair - Millie Santus, Carole Brindle Wardrobe - Barbara Freeman & Ellen Mace Set design & construction -Graham Brindle, Paul Santus and Trevor Jones

Lighting - Paul Santus Sound - Bill Nutall Front of House - Stephanie Murray & Team Box Office - The Filling Station


Tower Setting For Comedy
From the Lancashire Evening Telegraph, 31st January 2003

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