An Inspector Calls - April 1999

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An Inspector Calls - April 1999 Empty An Inspector Calls - April 1999

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An Inspector Calls by J.B.Priestley
Hoghton Village Hall, April 1999

It is an evening in Spring, 1912 at the home of the Birlings, a prosperous industrial family, in Brumley, in the North Midlands.

They are at the peak of success in very prosperous times. They are having a family celebratory dinner party, on the engagement of their daughter - but they are about to be interrupted by the persistent Police Inspector Goole.

The play was dedicated to the memory of The Hoghton Players' former Chairman, Allan Jones, who died during the 1997 AGM. He was a great fan of the play, directed by his widow Margaret, now President of the Players.


An Inspector Calls - April 1999 Pbucket Click on the link for the Gallery


Director/Producer - Margaret Jones

Arthur Birling - Russel Atkinson Inspector Goole - Michael Britland Sybil Birling - Denise Brooks Gerald Croft - Peter Wood

Sheila Birling - Anneleise Mainey Eric Birling - Gary Williams Edna - Jane Collyer Cochrane - Robert Cochrane


Prompt - Ian Murray, Susan McKno Stage Manager/Props - Barbara Niven, Stephen Niven, Harold Eastham, Sylvia Atkinson, Anne-Marie Cruickshank

Make up & Hair - Millie Santus & Carole Brindle Set design & construction -Graham Brindle, Norman Goodenough, Paul Brooks, Anne Wilmer, Gill Watson

Lighting - Paul Santus Sound - Bill Nuttall, Andrew Freeman


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