Charley's Aunt - October / November 2005

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Charley's Aunt - October / November 2005 Empty Charley's Aunt - October / November 2005

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Charley's Aunt, By Brandon Thomas
Hoghton Village Hall, 27-29th October 2005
Hoghton Tower, 3rd-5th November 2005

A comedy classic for over 100 years, Charley’s Aunt has become a staple of regional, college and professional theatres everywhere since its initial opening at the Theatre Royal of London in 1892. The show’s slapstick humour was wildly appreciated and ran there for over four years, yielding 1,466 total performances. It was quickly translated into many languages and until the early 1930s, not a week went by without a performance somewhere in the world. At one point, 44 different productions of what may arguably be the most popular English farce ever written were running at the same time across the globe.

Jack and Charley are in love. However, neither knows quite how to express his love and his (hopeful) plans for the future to his girl. But Jack has a cunning plan…

It just so happens that Charley’s Aunt, a wealthy widow from Brazil (“where the nuts come from”), is visiting that very day. So, why not have a luncheon for Charley’s aunt and invite the girls? Surely each boy could sneak a few moments alone with his girl during the afternoon? And they could also invite their friend Lord Fancourt ‘Babbs’ Babberley so that he can divert the aunt while they entertain their girls.
What could possibly go wrong?



There are currently no pictures available for this show.. if you have any you would like to submit, please contact the website.


Director - Margaret Jones Producer - Veronica Roper


Set Build - Graham Brindle, Bill Nuttall and Paul Santus

Prompt - Val Critchley Wardrobe - Angela Fowler, Barbara Freeman & Ellen Mace Hair & Make-up - Millie Santus & Carol Brindle Sound & Lighting - Bill Nuttall & Paul Santus

Front of House - Stephanie Murray & Team Box Office - The Filling Station

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