The Harvest Supper Variety Show - October 2008

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The Harvest Supper Variety Show - October 2008 Empty The Harvest Supper Variety Show - October 2008

Post  Mike B on Thu Aug 04, 2011 10:02 am

The Harvest Supper Variety Show 2008
Hoghton Village Hall, October 2008

What should quite frankly be the highlight of Lancashire's social calendar was back again for another year. The Players showcasing talent from facets even they didn't realise they had in the Harvest Supper Variety Show 2008.

MC for the evening was Dave Broadbent, introducing acts like the energetic Highfield School of Dance, The Junior Players, Rock Republic as well as more classical acts such as 10 year old Jack Weiss of the Lancashire Schools Symphony Orchestra playing a a solo violin concerto.

Old favourites also took a turn, with Paul Santus, Jane Burnell, Carol McCann and the inimitable McHoghtons providing the laughs whilst Angela Fowler provided a bit of culture with some home grown Lancashire Poetry.


The Harvest Supper Variety Show - October 2008 Sugarp10


Producer - Carol McCann and Graham Brindle

Master of Ceremonies - Dave Broadbent


Stage Manager - Ruth Jones and Emma Gardner Make up & Hair - Millie Santus, Carole Brindle

Set design & construction -Graham Brindle, Paul Santus Lighting - Michael Broadbent Sound - Andrew Freeman Front of House - Stephanie Murray & Team

Box Office - The Filling Station

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