See How They Run - December 1998

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See How They Run - December 1998 Empty See How They Run - December 1998

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See How They Run, By Philip King
Hoghton Village Hall, 3rd-5th December 1998

The play was written by Philip King in the immediate post war period and has remained a firm favourite with audiences ever since; having been performed professionally on the seaside circuit as recently as summer 1998 at Bournemouth with Su Pollard and Geoffrey Holland from TV's Hi-de-hi.

The action takes place in the vicarage at Merton cum Middlewick where the Vicar and his ex-actress wife live a peaceful life. That is until one fateful day when they are joined by the irate village battleaxe, the wife's ex leading man, an escaped and dangerous prisoner of war, a bishop and various dim members of the clergy and prison camp personnel.

In the true tradition of farce, mayhem and hilarity ensue with the usual loss of trousers, embarrassing misunderstandings and fast moving action on and off stage.


No photo's have been submitted, please pass on your pictures!


Producer - Kathleen Fleet Asst. Producer - Millie Goodenough

Ida (a maid) - Joanne Ingham Miss Skillon - Denise Brooks The Rev, Lionel Toop - Paul Heyworth Penelope Toop (his wife) - Anne-Marie Cruickshank

Lance Cpl Clive Winton - Ian Murray The Intruder - Ken Harrison The Bishop of Lax - Russell Atkinson Sergeant Towers - Peter Woods


Prompt - Margaret Jones Stage Manager/Props - Sylvia Atkinson, Rachel Eastham Make up & Hair - Millie Santus

Set design & construction - Norman Goodenough, Anne Wilmer, Gill Watson Lighting - Paul Santus Sound - Bill Nuttall, Andrew Freeman


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