Murder in Company - April 1998

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Murder in Company - April 1998 Empty Murder in Company - April 1998

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Murder In Company, By Philip King and John Boland
Hoghton Village Hall, 23rd-25th April 1998

A dramatic society is assembling on the stage of a church hall to rehearse a production of a mystery-thriller under its somewhat dictatorial director Philip Stephens. Events and strains within the company, however, more than equal those in the play they are to present.

Philip's wife is friendlier than is wise with a young man of the company, a "prowler" is in the neighbourhood and attacks one of the girls, an unpleasant caretaker tries a little blackmail and one of the women seems to know him from the past.

The rehearsal proceeds under difficulties until the mysterious death of the caretaker brings the situation of the who-dunnit even more closely into real life.

It transpires that almost everyone might, and could have murdered the dead man - eventually the identity of both killer and prowler is revealed.

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Director/Producer - Russell Atkinson Asst. Producer - Sylvia Atkinson

Alan Wilson - Michael Broadbent Margaret Stephens - Anne-Marie Cruickshank Ted Smith - Ken Harrison Philip Stephens - Bob Collins Ronnie Meadows - Paul Heyworth

Phoebe Kershaw - Millie Goodenough Patricia Robins - Rachel Eastham Doris Stewart - Joanne Ingham


Prompt - Barbara Williams / Susan McKno Stage Manager/Props - Norman Goodenough, Harold Eastham Set design & construction - Anne Wilmer, Gill Watson & team

Make up & Hair - Millie Santus Lighting - Paul Santus Sound - Bill Nuttall, Andrew Freeman


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