Out of Sight, Out of Murder - April 2010

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Out of Sight, Out of Murder - April 2010 Empty Out of Sight, Out of Murder - April 2010

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Out of Sight, Out of Murder by Fred Carmichael, 22nd - 24th April 2010

Peter Knight, a struggling writer, is sent to write a murder mystery at a dreary Vermont mansion, which happens to be the site of another writer's murder. As Peter creates a cast of characters for his story, a thunderstorm rolls on through and, with its lightning flashes, his characters are set free and come to life, materializing one by one. Baffled by this turn of events, Peter grapples with these diverse personalities and the directions in which they are trying to take his plot.
Tension between these characters, and comic situations, begin to build as Peter's fictional murder mystery becomes reality. Who is the likely killer? Among the possibilities are a butler, a maid, a lawyer, a society matron, a strange woman, an ingénue and a couple of other suspects. The puzzles are solved with ingenuity, wit, romance and lots of laughs.


Out of Sight, Out of Murder - April 2010 Outofs10
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Director - Carol McCann



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