Venue for play in November 2009

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Venue for play in November 2009 Empty Venue for play in November 2009

Post  Angela Fowler on Tue Sep 30, 2008 4:45 am

Hi everyone, I have been asked to direct the play next November and have not yet decided on one. However, I had said I wouldn't set foot in Hoghton Tower again as a result of us freezing so badly last November. What do we feel about putting on the play for two weeks in Hoghton Village Hall and maybe having caterers in on the second week (three days) with the buffet in the bar area after the performance. There are alternatives like hiring Thwaites Theatre, Blackburn or the Playhouse in Preston but then that would be taking the play out of the village which loses something from us. Even if we go back to Hoghton Tower in a couple of years, one years missing may jerk those responsible up at the Tower into at least making us comfortable. I know that there were people in the audience last year who will never go back as a result of the cold, despite the fire being lit. Post your views on the forum or let committee members know how you feel.

Also, if anyone would like to suggest a play they would like, let me know about it. From Angela Fowler

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